Xmas party health and safety

How To Prepare For A Safe Works Christmas Party

Employee well-being is critical to a company’s success, affecting productivity, job satisfaction, and employee engagement. Health and safety have an important role in ensuring that well-being. Yet in many companies, once a year, coinciding with the season to be jolly, employees encounter a situation that might compromise their well-being and workplace relationships, the work Christmas […]

Assessing and Addressing Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace can lead to absenteeism, increased staff turnover, and reduced productivity. The HSE views stress-related health problems as a significant concern for all businesses. Employers must treat stress as they would any other health hazard. This includes assessing work-related stress risks and implementing strategies to minimize them. How Serious Is Stress At […]

Is Your Workplace Prepared For Seasonal Viruses?

The rollout of the Covid and flu vaccination schemes a month earlier than planned this year may cause some concern about the possible return of Covid to the workplace. However, although the early rollout is just a safety precaution, it is a good time to review ways for employees to stay healthy and minimise sick […]

Workplace Fatigue – Don’t Sleep On It

Fatigue is an often overlooked hazard in the workplace. It can be as damaging to health as a lack of food or exercise. Fatigue can be caused by lack of sleep, work stress, tedious tasks, and long or poorly planned work shifts. This can cause poor concentration, memory lapses, reduced coordination, underestimation of risk, and […]

Shedding Light On The Lack Of UV Protection

An online survey of workers in the UK found that 30% of respondents do not apply UV protection cream while working outside. The YouGov survey commissioned by SC Johnson Professional in April surveyed 4,435 adults. One third of those who neglected UV protection claimed that nothing would encourage them to change their behaviour. Five hundred […]

Working In A Heatwave

Nearly a year ago, the UK experienced the highest recorded temperatures when they exceeded 40°C for the first time. As a result, HSE experienced a surge of people seeking advice related to temperatures in the workplace. Visits to its online weather working guidance rose by almost one thousand per cent. The number of concerns related […]

Using the Power of Health and Safety Slogans

Slogans are short phrases that are easy to remember. ‘Better safe than sorry’ and ‘prevention is better than cure’ are probably the best known general safety related slogans. But how can they be effectively used in promoting workplace safety, and which are the best ones to use? How Can Slogans Contribute To A Better Safety […]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Health and safety affect every business worldwide, regardless of size or sector. Every day, over 6,000 people die because of occupational accidents or work-related diseases. That is over 2.3 million deaths per annum. Worldwide, over 300 million accidents occur in the workplace each year. Many of these result in extended absences from work. The incalculable […]

Psychology of Evacuation

A previous article looked at what a business should include in workplace emergency procedures and evacuation plans. This article examines the psychological factors that come into play during an evacuation. It discusses how these factors have influenced responses in various notable emergencies, provides suggestions for cutting evacuation times and identifies the worst advice to give […]

The Possible Impact of The Retained EU Law Bill on Workplace Safety

When the UK left the European Union, all laws derived from the EU which were already on the UK statute book remained part of UK law. This body of law, known as retained EU law, was to be kept permanently or changed gradually. However, last year it was decided that the Government should make the […]

Health And Safety Induction For New Employees

Safety induction training (also known as onboarding safety training) should provide new employees, and possibly contractors and visitors, with important information about potential hazards and risks in the workplace. It should also detail the procedures and protocols to follow to minimise those risks and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Providing new employees with […]

Festive Health and Safety Myths

Health and safety plays a vital role in keeping the workplace safe throughout the year. It can be a pretty dry subject, but sometimes because of overzealous or muddled adherence to rules, it can lead to festive health and safety myths, which can be seen an amusing or even bemusing topic. Christmas in the workplace […]