Roles And Rights Of Health And Safety Representatives

The importance of health and safety representatives in the workplace has become obvious as businesses have attempted to rise to the challenges of coronavirus this year. Reps play an important role in building and maintaining trust and confidence that a business is a caring and safe place to work. Appointing Safety Representatives Although the first […]

HSE COVID-19 Workplace Inspections – What You Need To Know

The Health and Safety Executive has recently released details of how it is contacting and carrying out spot checks and inspections on many businesses in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In recent months, some HSE inspection results have made headlines. In Cleveland inspectors raised several concerns at the police headquarters following a Covid inspection, another […]

Health And Safety Measures Under The New Covid-19 Rules

On 22nd September the Prime Minister announced a reversal of previous advice that workers should return to work if their place of business was COVID-19 secure. The advice now is for workers to work from home if they can do so. Public sector employees working in essential services and those in professions where home working […]

Deadly Port Blast Shows Dangers Of Chemical Storage

Just when you thought the impact of coronavirus would dominate worldwide health and safety headlines the disaster in Beirut suddenly focused attention on the safe storage of dangerous chemicals. In this article, we look at what happened, why it happened, and whether such an incident could happen in the UK. What Happened? The incident in […]

How To Choose A Health And Safety Consultant

The Health and Safety Executive recently prosecuted a self-employed health and safety consultant after he provided “inadequate and flawed” advice to businesses. Sometimes an employer will need help to address health and safety issues and will seek expert help. So what can go wrong, what can the consequences be for the employer and the expert, […]

Covid-19 Outbreaks At Meat Plants – What Lessons Can Be Learned?

Recent Covid-19 outbreaks at various meat processing plants worldwide are raising concerns about health and safety, working conditions, the possibility of a second wave of infections, and what it may mean for the UK hospitality industry as it is about to reopen its doors to the public. The Extent of The Covid-19 Outbreaks Nearly 30,000 […]

The Latest COVID-19 Secure Guidance

As many businesses reopen the government has issued several measures, resources and guidance around COVID-19. Whilst health and safety remain of utmost importance, the HSE has said it intends to adopt a pragmatic and proportionate approach towards enforcement action for non-compliance with statutory requirements which are directly because of the coronavirus outbreak. Working Safely – […]

HSE Regulatory Changes During The Covid-19 Outbreak

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to impact businesses, the Health and Safety Executive has announced how they are adjusting to address the situation. This article looks at some changes to regulatory requirements related to health monitoring and safety issues, and how the HSE has changed the way it aims to meet its obligations while protecting […]

Health and Safety While Working At Home During Coronavirus

The coronavirus COVID-19 is having an increasing impact in the UK. This article has information on the measures brought in recently, which business that should remain open and which should close, health and safety issues when working from home, and isolation notes for people who are unable to work for more than seven days because […]

Steps To Avoid Accidents With Ladders

Last month a county council ruled that workers could no longer use ladders to place advertising banners on lamppost mounts because it “is not a safe system of work and therefore breaches health-and-safety legislation.” Over the years there have been several misinterpretations about safely using ladders and stepladders, both inside and outside. Common Work At […]

Health and Safety Committee Best Practice

By law, an employer must consult their workforce about any change that will substantially affect their health and safety. These changes include implementing new or different procedures, using new equipment, and implementing new shift patterns. The HSE has a brief guide to the law informing employers what they need to do to ensure they are […]

Fatalities, Figures and Fines – The Latest HSE Statistics

Recently the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released annual statistics for work-related health and injuries. The HSE Summary statistics for Great Britain 2019 show the UK remains one of the safest places to work in the world, with one of the lowest standardised rates of fatal injury in the EU. Below is a summary of […]