Near Miss Reporting – Prevention Is Better Than Mishap

The definition of a near miss in a workplace context is an unplanned event that has the potential to cause but does not result in, human injury or fatality, damage to equipment or the environment, or interruption to normal operations. The HSE estimates that there are about 90 workplace near misses for every accident that […]

High-Visibility Clothing In The Workplace

Visibility is critical for worker safety, especially for those working around moving vehicles and equipment, and especially in busy environments like warehouses, construction sites, roads and railway lines. In these circumstances, a worker needs clothing (high-visibility clothing) which enables them to be seen in low lighting conditions, even at night. What Is High-Visibility Clothing? High-visibility […]

The Symptoms of Fatigue

A news release from the RAND Corporation in November 2016 stated that a lack of sleep leads to the UK losing around 200,000 working days a year and was costing the economy up to £40 billion per annum. In addition to the effect on the economy, fatigue can also cause serious work-related accidents and even […]

Construction Is A High-Risk Industry For Health Issues

Although the number and rate of injuries to construction workers have fallen in recent years, it is still a high-risk industry and accounts for a high percentage of fatal and major injuries. However, construction is also a high-risk industry for health issues. Statistics show there are more working days lost due to work-related illness than […]

Event Safety Management

In this article we take a look at event safety management and a number of health and safety topics an event organiser will need to consider in their risk assessments. The Venue When it comes to event safety management it’s the organiser’s responsibility to, as far as is reasonably practicable, ensure the safety of visiting […]

Thermal Comfort In The Workplace

The temperature and air conditions employees work under and how they react to those conditions significantly influence their productivity and health. In this article, we look at one way of managing these conditions through the concept of thermal comfort. Why Extreme Temperatures Are An Issue Working in extreme temperatures can cause some health issues. These […]

How the New Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Affect Health and Safety

From the 25th May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces data protection legislation that dates back to the 1990’s and applies to all organisations that collect or use the personal data of individuals in the EU. You may think this would only affect the IT department in a business, but it is likely to […]

8 Housekeeping In the Workplace Areas To Address

In a home environment housekeeping may bring to mind cleaning, dusting, and tidying. In a work environment, it means taking steps that can help prevent avoidable injuries and even fatalities. This article outlines 8 areas where good housekeeping in the workplace practice will protect a workforce from harm and therefore also contribute to the future […]

Press Releases in 2018 (To Date)

During the months of Jan, Feb and March there have been 15 Health and Safety Executive regional press releases in the south east of England. Below are a few examples: Engineering company fined after worker injured An engineering company has been fined after a worker lost his leg from the knee down when he […]

Back Pain in the Workplace – An Employers Guide

Lower back pain in the workplace is very common and can affect everyone. It can also be extremely painful and debilitating if not tackled. It can result from a number of bad workplace working practices as well as from bad posture and from sitting too long in one place for extended periods of time. This […]

Go Home Healthy

If you’ve visited the H&SE website recently you’ll have noticed a new initiative called Go Home Healthy – Shine a Light on Your Business and Ask Yourself Do you #WorkRight? The H&SE Go Home Healthy campaign shines a spotlight on: Work-related Lung Disease Breathing in dust, gases, vapours and fumes at work can cause life-changing […]

Xmas Health and Safety Myths [Updated]

Christmas is a great time of year both at home and at work. It’s a time when people can relax and have a bit of fun. However each year health and safety is cited (wrongly) as the reason why something can’t be done putting a damper on the festive mood. This article looks at a […]