The Cost of Health and Safety

In October 2012 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) began a Fee For Intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme under regulations 23 to 25 of The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012. Companies who are found to be in “material” breach of health and safety will be liable for recovery of HSE’s related costs, including inspection, […]

Health and Safety in the News

In the 21st century, health and safety considerations in the workplace are more important than ever before and the reporting of health and safety issues can be found over across the news. This month we will be highlighting some Health and Safety news stories. Company given £15,000 fine for asbestos work Asbestos Damage Limitations Ltd, […]

Workers’ Health and Safety

Workers are entitled to feel safe when they are carrying out their jobs. The only way this can happen is if health and safety is properly controlled. Under UK law, the primary responsibility for ensuring health and safety management is down to the employer. Employers also have a duty to consult with their employees, or […]

Good Health and Safety Business Benefits . . . Think Health and Safety Training

As we’ve mentioned in other articles Health and Safety is a matter of UK Law. All businesses must ensure that employees and anyone else who may be affected by work being carried out by the business is safe at all times. UK Health and Safety is governed by the Health and Safety at Work etc […]

Health and Safety Executive Press Releases May 2014

Last year at this time we reviewed the number of reported HSE cases where companies have been fined for breaches in Health and Safety and where employees have been seriously injured, many barely avoiding death. In May 2013, there were 19 cases. Another year has passed and this article will look at some of the […]

Health and Safety Courses

All companies, big or small must have good health and safety practices in place – not only is this essential for your business and your employees – it’s also the law. That’s where Health and Safety Courses come in – it’s important that your staff are trained and understand why Health and safety is important […]

Health and Safety Training and Consultancy

In the UK the Health and Safety of all employees is a matter of law. All companies and organisations have a duty of care to make sure that their employees and anyone else who may be affected, by work the company is undertaking, remain safe at all times. So you many be asking how do […]

Health and Safety Is No Joke!

A recent article in the Daily Mail showed a series of pictures of various workmen carrying out tasks across various countries in ways that would suggest that “getting the job done is more important than observing safety procedures”. Or perhaps it’s simply a case that in some countries Health and Safety doesn’t play such an […]

What is Health and Safety?

If you search for the term “Occupational Health and Safety” Wikipedia tells us: “Occupational safety and health is an area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The goals of occupational safety and health programs include fostering a safe and healthy work environment. OSH may also protect […]

How To Carry Out A Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the process of identifying, evaluating and putting in place appropriate precautions in the workplace. By doing a risk assessment, you protect your business and employees against potential accidents to the best of your ability and take a proactive rather than reactive stance. There are many ways to carry out a risk assessment […]

The Importance of Involving Employees in Health And Safety

In superhero movies, there’s always a hero around to save the day, avoid the accident and save lifes. Unfortunately, in real life Superman doesn’t exist. Instead, you need to rely on the ordinary men and women in your business to pay attention and take action when it comes to health and safety matters. Therefore, it’s […]

Health and Safety Myths Debunked

It’s not often that Health and Safety is seen in a funny light. However very often there are many misrepresentations of what Health and Safety is about, some so ridiculous that they are laughable. To this end the HSE put aside a section of their website form 2007 to 2010 entitled “Health and Safety Myths: […]