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Heatwaves And The Workplace

Last week, the UK Health Security Agency put in place its first ever level four heat warning. Such a warning showed the impending heatwave could cause illness and death among the fit and healthy, not just in high-risk groups. Experts warn heatwaves of this magnitude could become the norm in years to come. So what […]

Occupational Lung Health – Love Your Lungs Week

Love Your Lungs Week is an annual awareness week that this year runs between 21st and 27th June. Originally set up by the British Lung Foundation (which is also known as Asthma + Lung UK), it focuses on promoting good lung health. Lung health is also a focus for the HSE during June, as its […]

Why Near Misses Should Be Reported

Unsafe behaviours happen in the workplace every day. A sweating worker may remove his hard hat or goggles for a while, a worker pulls aside a mask to attend to a runny nose, or a lapse in memory leaves gloves unworn when they should be. Often these incidents have no adverse consequences and, as a […]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations Updated

In early April, changes were made to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) regulations and how they apply to casual workers. These new rules come into force when TUC Research shows in the past five years the number of people employed through the ‘gig economy’ has more than quadrupled in delivery/driving jobs and more than doubled in […]

Is Daylight Savings Dangerous?

The concept of Daylight Savings Time was first proposed in the late 19th century. Over a hundred years later, we have widespread artificial lighting, caffeinated drinks and a 24 hour industrial, rather than farming, society. Yet the common conception is that changing the clocks is still necessary to save lives and increase productivity. Why Do […]

Living With Covid: The H&S Implications

The government has published and announced its plans for living with Covid. With several changes to rules and resources over the coming months, employers face how to respond to the realities of running a business and living with Covid. The Plan The legal requirement for adults and children who test positive to self-isolate has ended […]

Make Safety Spread Virally

At a time when the effects of behaviour and leadership on standards in high office are dominating the news, it might be appropriate to consider how attitudes to safety standards spread amongst a workforce. Do they have to come from the top and can we make it easier for every employee to follow safety standards? […]

Working Minds Launched By HSE

The UK lost over 17 million working days as a result of stress, anxiety, or depression in 2020. Mental health issues are the most common reason given for sick days in the UK. Even before the pandemic, it was estimated that mental health issues cost UK employers up to £45 billion a year. Workplace Stress […]

Improving Hand Hygiene – A Basic Step In Stopping Viruses

The results of two recent surveys suggest that most employees are not washing and drying their hands properly at work, despite hand hygiene being vital in helping to reduce the spread of COVID and other viral and bacterial infections. Survey Results One survey, commissioned by hygiene and facility service provider Elis UK, found that 55% […]

Hybrid Working – Health And Safety Implications

The pre-COVID normal working life may never fully return, with a hybrid work model becoming the favoured post-pandemic approach. As well as being a significant change for people, the working culture of businesses and employment law, moving to hybrid working will have health and safety implications too. What is Hybrid Working? Hybrid working involves a […]

Paralympics – Health and Safety – The Covid Challenge

Health and safety concerns surround the start of the Tokyo Paralympics, despite there not being a major outbreak of Covid infections during the main Olympics which finished earlier this month. The concerns are that case numbers have increased in the areas surrounding the Paralympic venues in the past couple of weeks and that some Paralympians […]

Keeping Workplaces Safe From July 19th

On July 19th many businesses reopened for the first time in 16 months. It became possible to phase out a working from home approach and start reintroducing a more traditional workplace culture. Colleagues could meet face to face instead of over Zoom, socialise during break times, and physically pass folders and files instead of via […]