Health and Safety Consultancy

New Broom Training Health and Safety Consultancy offers a complete assessment of all aspects of your organisation’s Health & Safety requirements, from in-house safety measures specific for your organisation to dealing with regulatory bodies on your behalf. We are qualified and experienced in a wide range of industry types as far as Health & Safety is concerned and can offer effective advice and solutions in all areas.

New Broom Training can also assist with identification and assessment of potential problem areas within cleaning and facilities contracts, through our extensive knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry.

This has proven to be extremely valuable with regard to time management and also where excessive wasted costs have been caused through mis-use of materials, equipment and products. Costs can be greatly reduced by spending time on the shop floor with operatives, allowing a true picture of the efficiency, or inefficiency, of your organisation’s expenditure. This could be anything from equipment shortages to poor communication throughout a team.

New Broom Training can also offer consultants to work directly alongside your organisation in the above areas, to fulfil specific requirements you may have and to relieve the pressure caused by trying to cover all the bases yourself. Professionals from all subject areas are used to match the need or requirement you may have to ensure competence, or resolve operational problems.

New Broom Training Health and Safety Consultancy can assist in the implementation of ISO standards (9000, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 etc) through to achievement of certification. In addition, NBT can provide continual maintenance support through internal auditing to ensure retention of ISO accreditation.