Health And Safety Consultancy

Health and Safety training is a legal requirement and is essential for any business.

Whether you are operating a small, medium or large business, the well-being of your employees and workers should be a top priority. The law regarding Health and Safety is clear. As the owner you are legally required to manage and assess the health and safety risk of your workplace and protect your employees by controlling hazards, conducting risk assessments and providing training.

However it can be hard for businesses to know how to go about providing the appropriate Health and Safety training without having the specialised knowledge required to implement the right Health and Safety training.

So what are the options?

The first option is to do the work yourself by identifying your Health and Safety training needs. You will need to implement and manage a health and safety policy which covers your operating procedures, the types of equipment you use and the risks associated with them. Carrying out risk assessments can then help you to identify appropriate courses to meet your employees training requirements. In the long-term it’s worth considering developing an in-house competence to manage your health and safety risks. All of this can take time and requires knowledge of the latest Occupational Health and Safety Act and amendments.

The second option is to consider looking at hiring a health and safety consultant who can carry out a complete assessment of all aspects of your organisation’s Health and Safety requirements, from in-house safety measures specific for your organisation to general safety measures which apply to most companies to dealing with regulatory bodies on your behalf.

Whilst you may feel that hiring a health and safety consultant is an expense you could do without, it’s worth bearing in mind that by doing so you won’t tie up your valuable time trying to become a Health and Safety expert in order to ensure you have covered all your Health and Safety bases. As well as giving you peace of mind there are many very positive aspects to hiring a consultant’s services. You’ll know that you have employed an expert in Health and Safety who will ensure you are meeting your legal obligations with regards to Health and Safety in your workplace. In turn this means you will be putting in place steps to protect and safeguard your staff from accidents and protect your business from legal action.

To put it into perspective, you may not think Health and Safety applies to you or your business but this year there have already been 28 cases in the South East of England alone brought by the HSE.

About New Broom Training

New Broom Training Health and Safety consultants can work directly with you to fulfil your specific Health and Safety business requirements. Professionals from all subject areas are used to match the need or requirement you may have to ensure competence, or resolve operational problems.

New Broom Training can assist in the implementation of ISO standards (9000, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 etc) through to achievement of certification. In addition, New Broom Training can provide continual maintenance support through internal auditing to ensure retention of ISO accreditation.