The Importance of Involving Employees in Health And Safety

In superhero movies, there’s always a hero around to save the day, avoid the accident and save lifes. Unfortunately, in real life Superman doesn’t exist. Instead, you need to rely on the ordinary men and women in your business to pay attention and take action when it comes to health and safety matters. Therefore, it’s extremely important to remember your staff and workers when putting health and safety policies in place and to ensure you involve employees in health and safety decisions.

You may not realise it, but your staff can play a major role in spotting risks, hazards and policy flaws that you may have missed.

Staff will be able to spot health and safety issues, problems or the need for improvements in their day-to-day activities. The person doing the job who is on “the front line” is far more likely to be aware of where health and safety is lacking, being compromised or simply not in place. If they are involved in the process and understand that you are trying to ensure their safety and the safety of their workers, staff members are far more likely to play an active role in putting forward ideas and implementing health and safety policy.

Health and Safety Delegates

Consider having recognised staff health and safety delegates, people who will help you and your business ensure that your health and safety policy covers all aspects of the job, that it’s up to date, being used and implemented across your workforce. They can also act as advocates for health and safety so that health and safety policies aren’t seen as just yet more bureaucracy.

If you are going to appoint safety delegates its important that they are trained properly through appropriate health and safety training courses and they go back for more training on a regular basis to ensure that they are fully aware of current health and safety legislation and how to applies to your business and workplace.

Health and Safety Training For All

This doesn’t mean that your other staff don’t need health and safety training. You should make sure that all staff have the skills and training they need to work safely. Good health and safety training can play a role in a safe and accident-free workplace, especially when it comes to risk and accident reporting and reducing a variety of accidents such as trips, slips and falls. Training also helps employees to look out for themselves and each other, creating an accepted culture of safe working within your business.

All workplaces need a robust set of health and safety policies preferably along with health and safety staff delegates in place to protect workers and visitors from harm. Without a proper system, your business could be left open to compensation claims as well as putting your staff at risk.

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